Crackerjack Chef

Creativity and culinary excellence

Crackerjack Chef has been sprinkling food all over Asheville and surrounding areas since 2015. I offer creative culinary solutions for your event and more. Let’s have a conversation!

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crack·er·jack | /ˈkrakərˌjak/

Informal • North American


  • Exceptionally fine or excellent; top-notch; high quality.
    Expert, adept, top-rated or high-performing.
  • crackerjack (comparative more crackerjack, superlative most crackerjack)


  • An exceptionally fine or excellent thing or person.
    An expert or top-rated individual (e.g., a chef).
  • crackerjack (plural crackerjacks)


Welcome to Crackerjack Chef, where creativity and culinary craftsmanship are my focus. My aim is to provide culinary excellence for the following requests and more:

Private Chef

plated breakfast, lunch, and dinner events for up to 35,
intimate dinner parties, custom menus, work retreat solutions for multiple meals, family reunions, bachelorette and bachelor party weekends, and more


catering for weddings, large parties, work retreats, family reunions, corporate functions

Meal Delivery | Drop Off

meal delivery and no contact drop offs (can be offered in conjunction with a plated meal)

Cooking Classes

cooking classes and culinary instruction

Restaurant Consultant

menu and recipe development, food and beverage pairing and costing, rebranding, redesign, efficiency management, and more

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Interested in my services and would like to look at menus? Please start the conversation by sending me a message explaining your needs, date you are seeking, and a brief description of your event.


“Michelle has catered several private dinners for me and my guests. She planned the meals, created the menus, bought the necessary food and paired the wine. These were all multi course meals (up to six courses!). Fresh game was often used. The creative sauces she prepared for each main course were outstanding! Michelle prepared and served these dinners for up to eight guests, providing a brief description of each course before serving. The meals were served hot and on time and the quality was of the highest order. Michelle is an experienced chef and has served as an executive chef at one of the best restaurants in the area. She also teaches others her culinary craft including some of the secrets to success. She has a background in art which is evident in the presentation of her dishes. I would recommended her with out reservation for parties small and large. The assembled group will be in for a real treat!”



“Absolutely delightful to work with! Absolutely delicious food, and beautifully presented. People who have been to dinner parties at our house RAVE about her food. And, her reputation is such that I am always being asked for her name as a possible caterer for their parties. I always feel confident of a smashing dinner when Chef Kelley is the caterer. Excellent choice.”


“Her appetizers were beautiful and tasty, the main course was perfect, and deserts were scrumptious. My guests raved about the meal. Along with great food, her prices are very reasonable for everything she offers. She is so easy to work with and very accommodating. Her recommendations were perfect. I gave her a big tip and asked her to move to Pennsylvania!”